Ningbo Linsheng Electric Co.,Ltd. is located in downtown of Yuyao,Zhejiang province.It is only one hour away from the Hangzhou and Ningbo airport,leaning Hangzhou Bay and Shanghai, jointing Yuyao exit of highway from Hangzhou to Ningbo,accessibility and a wonderful natural environment brings logistics advantages to our business partners.

It is one of the leading manufacturer of international and domestic cables of PVC and rubber,power cords,cord sets,extension cords,wiring  harness,cable reels,lighting and small appliances, etc in East China. It now has grown into one body enterprise engaged in the development, design,production,and foreign trade of the products.It's core enterprise.Ningbo Linsheng Electric Co.,Ltd. founded in 1994 with fixed assets over a hundred million yuan now, it covers an area of 180,000 square meters and standard workshop area of 120,000 square meters,with  more 1,200 staff members, the total sales hit more fifty millions US$ in 2009,the company has well-established machines and completed working and testing process, also has 22 flow automation production line for wire and cables, more than 60 plug & receptacle plastic injection machine,Four automatic assembly lines for wiring harness, more than 100 wiring harness and cords crimping machines. it is the one of the largest cord sets export base in China.

Following the operation concept of “exploiting the market by the good quality and winning our customers by credit”, our company obtained the certification of ISO 9001:2008.All of the products have got the safety approvals for 'UL','CUL','VDE','GS','CE','NF','N','FI','S','D','KEMA','BSI','OVE','IMQ', 'CEBEC','SAA','PSE', 'CCC','PSE','IRAM','VC','PCT','PSB','SEV','KETI',etc. All products comply with ROHs and other countries environment law. All of our products are exported to North America,Europe,Australia, Japan and Korea of Asia and so on.


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Rubber Cable Plant
Copper-Strand Workshop
Extension Cords
Extension Cords
Garden Light and Lighting String
Garden Light and Lighting String
UL PVC Cable
UL PVC Cable

UL 62 UL1518 PVC Insulated Flexible CordUL/CUL File NO. E215210

Decorative Lighting Wies and Cords: CXTW/XTW/

Parallel Integral Decorative Cords Outdoor: PXWT

Flexible Cord w/whole and Green Grounded: SPT-1/SPT-1W/SPT-2/SPT-2W /SPT-3

Parallel Cords Thermoplastic: NISPT-1/NISPT-2


Range & Dryer Cord: SRDT/DRT  SPT-2-R/SVT-R/HPN-R/SJT-R/SJTW-R

UL 62 UL1518 TPE Insulated Flexible CordUL/CUL File NO. E215210

Parallel Cords Thermoplastic Elastomer: SPE-1/SPE-2


Range & Dryer Cord: SRDE

UL 62 UL1518 CPE Insulated Flexible CordUL/CUL File NO. E215210

Heater Cords: HPN


UL 758 PVC Insulated Flexible Cord (UL/CUL File NO. E248980)

Isulated single: 1007 1011 1013 1015 1017 1019 1021 1022 1023 1024 1026 1027 1028 1030 1032 1056 1095 1283 1497 1500 1568 1569 1571 1581

Multi-conductor, Jacket Cable: 20288 2444 2468 2474 20903 21012 21036 21260 21301 2584 2586 2587 2589 2598 2614 20000 21571 21570 2651 2626 2733 2785 2786

UL 493 UL 1493 PVC Insulated Flexible CordUL/CUL File NO. E326742

Low Cords Thermoplastic :voltage:150V Model: Undergruond Low Energy Circuit Cable 

2~3 conductor  16~14~12~10~8AWG .

UL 4703 Photovoltaic WireUL/CUL File NO. E344285

UL 83 Thermoplastic-Insulated CablesUL/CUL File NO. E350190


UL 83 UL 719 Nonmetallic-Sheathed CordUL/CUL File NO. E350654

Romex Cable Type: NM-B/NMC-B

UL 83 UL 1596 Metal-Clad CablesUL/CUL File NO. E351327

Power Supply Cord and Extension Cords (UL/CUL File NO. E218475)

NEMA Configurations

NEMA 1-15P/ NEMA 1-15R  NEMA 5-15P/ NEMA 5-15R

NEMA 5-20P/ NEMA 5-20R  NEMA 6-15P/ NEMA 6-15R  NEMA 6-20P/ NEMA 6-20R

NEMA 6-30P/ NEMA 6-30R  NEMA 6-50P/ NEMA 6-50R

NEMA 10-20P/ NEMA 10-20R  NEMA 10-30P/ NEMA 10-30R NEMA10-50P/ NEMA 10-50R

NEMA14-50P/ NEMA 14-50R NEMA15-50P/ NEMA 15-50R  NEMA TT-30

Locking Power Supply Cord and Locking Extension Cords (UL/CUL File NO. E218475)

Locking Type Plugs And Erceptacles:

L5-15P/L5-15R  L5-20P/L5-20R  L5-30P/L5-30R 

L6-15P/L6-15R  L6-20P/L6-20R  L6-30P/L6-30R

L7-15P/L7-15R  L7-20P/L7-20R  L7-30P/L7-30R  L2-20P/L8-30R

L14-20P/L14-20R  L14-30P/L14-30R  L15-20P/L15-20R

L21-20P/L21-20R  L21-30P/L21-30R  L24-20P/L24-20R

ETL Extension Cords (CUL/ETL File NO. 3125212)

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (UL/CUL File NO. E300587)

Relocatable Power Tap (UL/CUL File NO. E241562)

Adaptor Current Taps (UL/CUL File NO. E238644)

Portable Luminaires (UL/CUL File NO. E239216)

Portable Electric Hand Lamps (UL/CUL File NO. E240972)

Garden Light (UL/CUL File NO. E239216)

Temporary Lighting String Plastic Lampguards (UL/CUL File NO. E253217)

Fluorescent Lights (UL/CUL File NO. E240972)

LED Lights (UL/CUL File NO. E240972)

Cord reel (UL/CUL File NO. E234282)

VDE Flexible Cord

PVC Insulated Flexible Cord: H03VV-F/H03VVH2-F  H03V2V2-F/H03V2V2H2-F 

H05VV-F/H05VVH2-F  H05V2V2-F/H05V2V2H2-F

H03VH7-F  H05V2-K  PV1-F 06/1KV

LSOH Low Smorke Zero Halogen Flexible Cord:

H03Z1Z1-F/H03Z1Z1H2-F H05Z1Z1-F/H05Z1Z1H2-F

Rubber Insulated Flexible Cord: H05RN-F/H05RR-F /H07RN-F

Water resistant polychloroprene or equivalent synthetic elastomer sheathed cables: H07RN8-F 

SAA Flexible Cord

PVC Insulated Flexible Cord: H03VV-F/H03VVH2-F  H03V2V2-F/H03V2V2H2-F 

H05VV-F/H05VVH2-F  H05V2V2-F/H05V2V2H2-F

V-75 0.6/1KV

Rubber Insulated Flexible Cord: H05RN-F/H05RR-F /H07RN-F 

CCC Flexible Cord

PVC Insulated Flexible Cord: 60227 IEC 52(RVV)  60227 IEC 53(RVV)

Rubber Insulated Flexible Cord: H05RN-F(60245 IEC 57 YZW)  H05RR-F(60245 IEC 53 YZ) 

H07RN-F(60245 IEC 66 YCW) 

PSE Flexible Cord


Rubber Insulated Flexible Cord:2PNCT/HHFF/PNCTF/PNCTFK

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